Here at the Atlas Hotel in Riccione you are 100% protected thanks to the care of every detail

How do you imagine your next beach holidays? Relaxing, regenerating, reading! That’s why this year we offer you the opportunity to book your stay without thoughts, protect you and in case of need to cancel your holiday by recovering the entire share paid. At the Atlas Hotel in Riccione the protagonist of the summer is you and we are committed every day to offer you tailoring services that can make the moments together even more beautiful. In collaboration with Italian Assicurazioni, Italian Assicurazioni, a insured booking, a super simple and fast online policy that you can request during the booking phase is born.


The insurance reimburses the penalty applied by the hotel with the maximum of the deposit paid if the hotel booking is canceled for all these cases

  1. death, disease or injury of the insured or his travel companions.
  2. death, disease or accident of family people cohabiting the insured.
  3. death, disease or injury of parents, brothers/sisters, sons/s), in -laws/s), nurseries, grandparents, uncles/si, grandchildren and signs of the insured.
  4. material damage to the insured home.
  5. material damage to the company or the professional study of the insured.
  6. death of the co -owner of the same company or professional studio.
  7. Impossibility of reaching the place of stay following serious disasters or causes of force duledly proven, and not in progress on the date of the signing of the contract.
  8. Convocation by the public authority.
  9. theft of the documents necessary for travel.
  10. – work reasons dependent on hiring or dismissal.


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